Remote mine solves budget considerations with OneCem

Juneau, AK

“By switching to TerraflowTM, we were able to maintain our paste strength, drop our pump pressure and use less binder. Lafarge safely lightened the load on our equipment and our wallets.”

The Kensington mine is an underground gold mine in Southeast Alaska which started commercial production in 2010 and uses mine paste fill technology for backfill operations. In earlier phases of the Kensington mine, Portland cement was supplied through a supplier from Washington State. To reduce the cost of mine production, Coeur Alaska sourced less costly  alternatives to pure Portland cement.

Recycled Concrete, LEED concrete
TerraFlow is the ideal solution for more efficient and cost effective backfilling in underground mines.
Green Cement

In 2013, mine operator Coeur Alaska Inc. performed further in house testing with Terraflow90TM, as it showed greater strength gain properties over pure Portland cement and Terraflow75TM. The testing was successful and Lafarge was contracted by Coeur 
Alaska to supply 13,000T of Terraflow90 per annum. Terraflow90 supply to the Kensington mine began in December 2013. Coeur Alaska currently enjoys significant cost savings by using Terraflow90.